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Common Dolphins Dying in Ever Increasing Numbers in Ireland

For the last seven years or so, the news from Ireland's seashore has become something of a broken record in late winter/early spring. Each year, t...

19th Feb 2018

IWDG Cetacean ID and recording workshop, Sat. 21st April 2018

About the Event Workshop Leader: Pádraig Whooley, Irish Whale & Dolphin Group Sightings Officer Venue: National Biodiversity Data Cen...

15th Feb 2018

Applied Marine Biological Sampling Module

  The Applied Marine Biological Sampling Module and CPD for graduates, researchers, observers and educators will take place from the 20th...

9th Feb 2018

IWDG report on record number of stranded whales and dolphins during 2017 in the latest edition of This Island Nation

IWDG contribution to his months This Island Nation reports on a record number of 267 stranded cetaceans during 2017, which sets a new record for ...

9th Feb 2018

Large whale watching off the southeast.

Report update, Feb. 8th 2018 Andrew Malcolm reports another Co. Waterford fin whale sighting yesterday Wed. 7th Feb. in the area 5-10 Km south of H...

8th Feb 2018

Bottlenose Dolphin Research Assistants Required in the Shannon Estuary

The Shannon Dolphin Project was established by the IWDG in 1993 to develop and provide educational awareness and conservation of the Shannon dolphins....

1st Feb 2018

Recovery of dolphins for post-mortem ongoing

Two dolphins were recovered by the IWDG from Co Kerry today for post-mortem examination.  thisfollows two more recovered on Saturday, one from no...

28th Jan 2018

Listen to the Radio One documentary on the

Marine debris in the ocean has become a very hot topic with recent studies of the incidence of extent of plastic contamination of our oceans including...

18th Jan 2018

UPDATED- IWDG very concerned about pair trawling in the Shannon Estuary

20 December 2017 After a number of requests from the IWDG we have finally secured acces to the risk assessment of commercial fishiong in marine SAC...

20th Dec 2017

Fin whale strandings November 2017

We are fortunate in Ireland to have the world’s second-largest animal, the fin whale, frequenting our coastal waters. There are regular sig...

14th Dec 2017

New IWDG Galway Local Group

A local IWDG group branch has been established in Galway to continue to promote the monitoring of whales and dolphins off around the coast of County G...

17th Nov 2017
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