Striped dolphin live stranded in Shannon Estuary

24th Apr 2010 A young striped dolphin live stranded in Poulnasherry on the north side of Shannon Estuary on Saturday morning 24 April 2010.

The dolphin stranded near Blackweir bridge and was recovered to the Shannon Dolphin and Wildlife Centre in Kilrush, Co Clare. The dolphin a young male measuring 1.34m in length was in good condition with numerous lesions and was euthanased by local vet Nicki Harvey.

Ironically this stranding occurred the day before an IWDG live stranding training course in Galway. The same thing happended on the last IWDG live stranding course on 9 March when a striped dolphin wassuccessfully refloated in Lahinch, Co Clare the day before a course in Kilrush !!!

Simon Berrow

IWDG Co-ordinator

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