Sperm whales strand on North Sea coasts

25th Jan 2016

During the last couple of weeks, 16 male sperm whales have stranded on North Sea coasts of the UK, Holland and Germany. While not unusual for male sperm whales to be found at these latitudes, they would typically be found in deep offshore waters at or beyond the edge of the continental shelf rather than in the relatively shallow waters of the North Sea. As yet, no explanation has been found for this unusual mortality event although one theory is that they may have entered the North Sea while following prey and become disorientated. Further details available at; 


Sperm whales strand occasionally on the Irish coast but usually along the atlantic coast and usually as single animals.

Sperm whale, Co. Donegal 18 June 2015. David Knowles.

Sperm whale, Magheroarty, Co. Donegal 18 June 2015. David Knowles.

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