Kerry Co Co exhume a common dolphin for IWDG

2nd Jan 2018

Following a report by Oonagh Duggan of a common dolphin stranded at Wine Strand in Smerwick Harbour, Co Kerry, IWDG travelled down today to recover it for post-mortem examination.


Photos: Oonagh Duggan

On arriving at the site we found no dolphin but found fresh large tyre tracks - only one source of these - a digger !

Enquiries at a local house, owned by Eoin Slattery and his family informed us that yes Kerry County Council were down about an hour earlier ....

Only one solution, phone up Kerry County Council and ask them if they will dig it up  for IWDG

And they did .....

 Attaching rope to the tail of a common dolphin after verty careful exhumation. Pictures by Frances Bermingham



Photos by Frances Bermingham

The carcass will be transported to Cork Regional Vet Lab for post-mortem examination to establish the cause of death as part of an EMMF funded project conttracted to IWDG by the Marine Institute and  the National Parks and Wildlife Service. The IWDG are expecting a lot of stranded dolphins to be found andreported over the next few weeks. Please let us know if you find any whales and dolphinds washed up on any coast as soon as posiible to facilitate recovery of a sample of these strandings. 

The IWDG would like to thank Johnny Walsh and Tom O'Connor of Kerry County Council and Sean O'Shea for his very careful exhumation and Angela and Gearoid in the Dingle office.

Dr Simon Berrow