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18th Jan 2018

Marine debris in the ocean has become a very hot topic with recent studies of the incidence of extent of plastic contamination of our oceans including the widespread ocurrence of microplastics.

This week Derek Mooney produced a one hour radio documentary on the Bergen whale, which was found to have over 30 plastic bags in its stomach. The programme investigates the horrific effect that plastic pollution is having on marine animals...

The programme features an interview with Simon Berrow of the IWDG. Please go to the programme using the link below:

In December 2017 more than 200 countries at the UN Environment Agency conference signed a resolution that commits to coordinated international action to combat marine plastic pollution and microplastics. There’s no timetable and it’s not legally binding, but it could be the tipping point that sets in motion tougher measures in the future, including a global legal treaty.

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