End of year reflections on This Island Nation

26th Dec 2018

Dr Simon Berrow, CEO of the IWDG contributes a monthly piece to This Island Nation digital radio. Here he reflects on the year past and looks ahead to the future and fears for our ability to make the right decisions now for future generations. 


(20 minutes in)

There is increasing interest in and pressure on our marine resources. We are reaching, or more likely have passed the point where talk is cheap and easy and we need to make the right and difficult decisions to take control of our destiny. Climate change, or climate chaos, is the big talking point, but if we are not willing to control the increasing human population, we'll need a lot much more enlightened management and political courage. We need decisions to move towards a sustainable society, not a system based on growth and consumerism. Realistically, are we going to get the leadership we deserve and in as much as Ireland is a democracy, we'll ultimately get what we deserve. I hope enough people want the right thing and now after our annual Christmas binge we can start moving forward towards a sustainable future, indeed maybe even a future!

IWDG would like to thank Tom McSweeney for providing this monthly opportunity for the IWDG to promote their policies and conservation actions and wish all our readers a haapy New Year. It's a year we need to get angry and start demanding political action, so we can turn this imminent "train crash" around.


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