Sean O'Callaghan - IWDG
Event Date 24/02/2017 14:00
Duration 40 mins
Location Nimmo's Pier, Galway Docks, Co. Galway
Reported location 53.267353243058075,-9.0464949110412
Platform Land
Species bottlenose dolphin
Number seen
Min 1
Best 1
Max 1
Group comprised (qty)
Adult 1
Juveniles 0
Calves 0
Notes Observed tossing what looked like a salmon into the air which it then pursed just beneath the surface. Was last seen heading south just as the Galway Fisher ship passed after moving out of the Docks. Also observed by Proinsias Ó HIarnáin and Catherine O\'Sullivan/Darren Craig.
Known animals -

Behaviour Feeding
Direction of Travelling Variable
Sea state Large wavelets. Crests begin to break. Some whitecaps.
Swell < 1 m
Wind force 4: Moderate breeze
Wind direction NE
Glare (°) 0
Visibility 16-20 km
Cloud cover 100
Water depth (m)
Precipitation (rain/fog) Some light rain showers.
Effort Watch No
Optics none
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