Andrew Field - Public
Event Date 26/10/2020 14:30
Duration 60 mins
Location Kells Bay, Dingle Bay, Co. Kerry
Reported location 52.02625196432373,-10.129313871681
Platform Land
Species harbour porpoise
Number seen
Min 1
Best 1
Max 1
Group comprised (qty)
Adult 0
Juveniles 0
Calves 0
Notes Reported to IWDG as "definite" H. porpoise, and confirmed on validation by video clip sent to IWDG
Known animals -
Behaviour Feeding
Direction of Travelling N/A
Sea state Large wavelets. Crests begin to break. Some whitecaps.
Swell 1-2 m
Wind force 4: Moderate breeze
Wind direction SW
Glare (°)
Visibility 6-10 km
Cloud cover 0
Water depth (m)
Precipitation (rain/fog)
Effort Watch No
Optics none
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