Susan Lee - Public
Event Date 14/06/2021 22:30
Duration 40 mins
Location Courtmacsherry Bay, Co. Cork
Reported location 51.64132960049572,-8.6906194189453
Platform Land
Species cetacean species
Number seen
Min 2
Best 2
Max 3
Group comprised (qty)
Adult 2
Juveniles 0
Calves 0
Notes The whales travelled from near the buoy at Courtmac over to Harbour View and came about 30 ft off the shore at Harbour View It was getting dark but they appeared to be feeding and came very close to the pontoon so we were concerned they might get stranded However and travelled east. We could hear them blowing very clearly! The sighting last about 40 minutes Pending validation...reported to IWDG as "probable" minkes. But given that BND present in same area 2 hrs later, it seems likely that they may have been BND.
Known animals -
Behaviour Feeding
Direction of Travelling N/A
Sea state Flat as a mirror.
Swell < 1 m
Wind force 1: Light air
Wind direction N
Glare (°)
Visibility 6-10 km
Cloud cover 0
Water depth (m) 5
Precipitation (rain/fog) No
Effort Watch No
Optics none
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