Whale Watch Ireland 2023

It’s that time of the year again, when IWDG in association with Inis, invite you to Whale Watch Ireland 2023 on Saturday 19th August between 2:00-4:00 PM. This annual event, now in its 21st year, comprises free and guided whale watches at local headlands and vantage points, as part of All-Ireland whale watch day. This year’s event is once again timed to coincide with Heritage Week which is a celebration of Ireland’s cultural, built and natural heritage. These simultaneous land-based watches at 19 locations around the Irish coast provide IWDG researchers, members and enthusiasts with a unique overview of whale and dolphin activity on the day; and as Citizen Scientists you can also play an important part.

While there are of course no guarantees of sightings, given reasonable weather you have a good chance of seeing some of the marine species that can be viewed locally. We advise participants to dress appropriately for the weather conditions on the day.  Please note, there are no boats involved and no bookings necessary.  There may be a short, elevated walk from the meeting point to your watch site, so sensible footwear is recommended, and your local watch may not be wheelchair accessible.  You should bring binoculars, your sense of humour and refreshments, but please leave your pets at home.

This event is suitable for all ages and is aimed at everyone from the novice wildlife enthusiast to more experienced naturalist, with a keen interest in biological recording.  In the event of unsuitable weather your watch leader may need to cancel your local event; so, if in doubt, please check in with them on the contact details below.



      Location                                             Meeting Point                                  Watch Leader                        Contact details

  1. Clogher Head, Co. Louth             Port Oriel Upper car park             Breffni Martin                  Ph: 087 9145363   e: bmartin@regintel.com
  2. Howth Head, North Co. Dublin    Balscadden car Park                   Conal O’Flanagan           Ph: 086 3537900      e: candhof@gmail.com
  3. Bray Head, Co. Wicklow              Raheen Cliff walk car park         Justin Ivory                       Ph: 087 6833898      e: jcivory67@gmail.com
  4. Greenore Point, Co. Wexford     Car park nr. Rosslare Hbr Village playground, Brian Glanville Ph: 087 1390665  e: brianglanville1@hotmail.com
  1. Hook Head, Co. Wexford              Lighthouse                                Harm Deenen                   Ph: 086 3485013        e:Deenen@zoho.com
  2. Ram Hd, Ardmore, Co. Waterford,  Lookout post @ https://w3w.co/olives.printer.cubic    Maureen Jackson, Ph: 086 4565466      e: whalewatchtoday@gmail.com
  1. Galley Head, Co. Cork                  Lighthouse                                Pádraig Whooley             Ph: 086 3850568        e: padraig.whooley@iwdg.ie
  1. Dursey Island, Co. Cork              To be confirmed                         Noel Linehan                    Ph: 085 7257534         e:noellinehan@hotmail.com
  2. Bray Head, Valentia, Co. Kerry    Cark park                                  Natasha Howard               Ph: 087 4554034       e:  info@seasynergy.org
  1. Clogher Head, Co. Kerry              Layby                                        Nick Massett                     Ph: 087 6736341     e: nickmassett@hotmail.com
  1. Loop Head, Co. Clare                  Lighthouse                                 Simon Berrow                  Ph: 086 8545450      e: simon.berrow@iwdg.ie
  1. Black Head, Co. Clare                 Lighthouse                                 Sandra O’Donovan         Ph: 086 6061869       e: sanod2@gmail.com
  1. Ashleam, Achill Isl., Co. Mayo     White Cliffs View Pt @ https://w3w.co/snorer.chatter.groves  Gemma O’Connor  Ph. 087 9073590  e: gemma.oconnor@iwdg.ie
  1. Benwee Head, Broadhaven Bay, Co. Mayo,   Nr. Kid Island @ https://w3w.co/quote.concludes.reality, Tom Breathnach Ph. 087 2688435  e: tom.breathnach@icloud.com
  1. Mullaghmore Head, Co. Sligo     Mullaghmore lay by                    Sophie Bresnihan            Ph: 085 8732077       e: bresnihansophie@hotmail.com
  1. Bloody Foreland, Co. Donegal,   Foreland Heights bar car park   Gareth Doherty               Ph: 086 2223328        e: selchiesailing@yahoo.ie
  1. Rathlin Island, Co. Antrim           RSPB West Light Seabird Ctr.     James Crymble             Ph: 077 72879038      e: James.Crymble@rspb.org.uk
  1. Portmuck, Co. Antrim                 Car park                                       Ian Enlander                   Ph: 078 49853549     e: ian.enlander1@hotmail.com
  1. Bloody Bridge, Co. Down           Car park                                       Andy Carden                   Ph. 077 62019160     e: andycarden58@hotmail.com

Whale Watchers up on Clogher Hd, Kerry with Nick Massett

Colin Barton scoping on Galley Head, West Cork 2019


Justin Ivory and group at Bray Head, Co. Wicklow