Michael Boyle - Public
Event Date 25/09/2022 13:53
Duration 10 mins
Location Carlingford Lough, Co. Louth
Reported location 54.063912491373145,-6.183354804840087
Platform RIB/Dive charter Vessel
Species common dolphin
Number seen
Min 1
Best 1
Max 1
Group comprised (qty)
Adult 0
Juveniles 0
Calves 0
Notes Kept its distance swimming around us breaching every 20 to 40 seconds Seen it or a another one a few weeks ago but came closer checking us out and tail slapping / splashing us in the boat. Ed...species ID confirm by images & video sent to IWDG on validation. Remarkably high jump captured on video. Middle of shipping channel.
Known animals -
Behaviour Travelling
Direction of Travelling N/A
Sea state Large wavelets. Crests begin to break. Some whitecaps.
Swell < 1 m
Wind force 5: Fresh breeze
Wind direction NW
Glare (°) 20
Visibility 6-10 km
Cloud cover 25
Water depth (m) 12
Precipitation (rain/fog)
Effort Watch No
Optics none
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