Local Groups

Setting up or joining an existing local group is a way to get involved in the Irish Whale and Dolphin group in your area. Irish Whale and Dolphin Group officers can support groups by offering training in cetacean species identification and stranding response.

Each group can schedule local land based watches and can organise events for National Whale Watch day held in August each year. These local groups are a means to build our network of members and supporters who can actively participate in stranding, sighting and education schemes.

If you are thinking of setting up a local group, please get in contact and we will do what we can to assist you.




Why not set up a Local Group 

Sophie Bresnihan was born in Sligo. After studying biology at college she travelled the world. she has recently returned to Sligo to raise her family in the beautiful surroundings of Mullach Mór.

She wanted to do something positive to contribute to environmental protection. She contacted IWDG and set up a local group.


IWDG Groups

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