Local Groups

Setting up or joining an existing local group is a way to get involved in the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group in your area. IWDG officers can support groups by offering training in cetacean species identification and live stranding response. Each group can schedule local land based watches and can organise events for National Whale Watch day held in August each year.

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Effort Watch

The IWDG have been co-ordinating an Effort Watch Monitoring Scheme since 1993. This involves watching regularly from the same site during favourable sea conditions. By recording the amount of time watched and the environmental conditions, watches with no sightings are as important as watches with sightings. 

This scheme is excellent for gaining a deeper understanding of  which species occur at your local site. Seasonal trends quickly become apparent and the IWDG have identified many important habitats from this scheme. This scheme has also been the foundation of the Large Whale Project and identifying potential marine conservation areas.

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