John Stanley - Public
Event Date 08/08/2020 12:59
Duration 180 mins
Location Glengarrif, Bantry Bay, Co. Cork
Reported location 51.743401376925654,-9.5407917028809
Platform Other vessel/unspecified vessel
Species dolphin species, possibly harbour porpoise
Number seen
Min 10
Best 12
Max 15
Group comprised (qty)
Adult 8
Juveniles 3
Calves 1
Notes Reported to IWDG as "probable" porpoises and may have been but large group size and colour leaves open the possibility that they were dolphins. Awaiting further details on validation.
Known animals -
Behaviour Feeding
Direction of Travelling N/A
Sea state Ripples like fish scales. No foam crests.
Swell < 1 m
Wind force 0: Calm
Wind direction S
Glare (°) 0
Visibility > 20 km
Cloud cover 100
Water depth (m) 7
Precipitation (rain/fog) None
Effort Watch No
Optics none
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