Observer Peter Connon, James & Jo Connon, Youghal Coust Guard, Maureen Jackson, Marcin Banaisak, Frances Gallagher, JL & Orla Egan, Alina Kmiec, Eamo
Event Date 28/11/2023
Location Youghal Bay , Co. Cork ( 0.0000,0.0000 )
Reported location 51.917018,-7.872955
Species common dolphin
Notes Four common dolphins live stranded, one mother and juvenile, and two other adults. Details in this report refer to the mother. They live stranded on a shallow beach area, therefore it was most likely a navigational/tidal error. First aid was provided for the mother and juvenile before they managed to refloat themselves, and the two additional adults were refloated by IWDG responder Maureen Jackson, Peter and James Connon.
Known animals -

Photo by Peter Connon

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