Get creative with flukey art

Learn how to draw a bottlenose dolphin with Illustrator and naturalist Jim Wilson.

Here he shows you the simple steps to take to draw a breaching dolphin. A little bit of practice and you can colour it in and make your own unique species.

to see what species of dolphin have been recorded in Ireland check out Jim Wilsons’ book on Whale and Dolphins of Ireland.

Send your art into and we will display it here on our website.

Learn how to draw a cartoon whale using our template.

Cartoonist John Joyce in connection with the Irish Ocean Literacy Network works with the IWDG to promote ocean literacy in Ireland.

The IWDG is currently developing Junior Flukes the Irish Blubber Book, this educational book promotes ocean literacy in Ireland with a focus on cetaceans in Irish waters.

To learn more about John Joyce and his work check out Black John the Bogus Pirate here

Send your flukey art to and we will display it here on our website.
If you are aged 13 or younger check out our fluky art competition below.


Flukey art competition

Our Flukey art competition is now open. 

To be in with a chance of winning IWDG goodies, you must be aged 13 or younger, and send a good quality photo of your art to us before June 2020.

We are always delighted to receive our supporter’s drawings of marine life in Ireland. Please feel free to send in images to be featured on our website to with Flukey art in the subject box.

We understand that in this unprecedented time of the COVID-19 pandemic, things can be over-whale-ming, so we encourage artists of all ages to send us in their art. We will try our best to feature all of the artists, but we will be prioritising our junior supports who are entering their flukey art.


Junior Flukey Art Gallery

  • Art by Charlotte Carberry aged 9

  • Art by Kai Stavela aged 7.
    Kai finds inspiration from books and has labelled all the drawings with the appropriate scientific name

  • Art by Ruby Smyth aged 9

  • Finn aged 9 and Ben aged 7 used toilet rolls to paint circles making their humpback whale, Spout.

  • Flukey art by Aran Byrne aged 7

  • Flukey Art by Joyeeta aged 12

  • Flukey Art by Nellie Smyth aged 7.
    Three young dolphins playing with a fishing buoy in the moonlight sky

  • Flukey art sent in by Maximus aged 10

  • Flukey art sent in by Maximus aged 10

  • Flukey art sent in by Bláithín aged 8

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