IWDG Reporting App

The Reporting App is designed to be used by a wide audience of citizen scientists, researchers, boat operators, wildlife enthusiasts, and of course whale watchers. It will make it easier for you to send in your sightings and strandings to the Irish Whale and Dolphin group, where your reports will be validated and added to a database which is used for research, conservation and welfare.

Recording on the app is very similar to submitting records through our website, but it’s now in the palm of your hand.


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App details:

The Reporting App is a tool for reporting sightings and strandings of whales, dolphins and porpoises (cetaceans) in Irish waters.

  • Users are able to report sightings of cetaceans or basking sharks to the IWDG for validation.
  • Users may report sightings from land or boat.
  • Users are able to report dead or live cetaceans (strandings) that they find.
  • Users may use this app to report the results of a watch carried out to support the Constant Effort Sighting Scheme.
  • The app can be used in both offline and online mode.
  • Users can save a draft of their sighting or stranding report while they are gathering information to prevent inadvertent data loss
  • If additional images are captured on another device, you can copy the images to your mobile so these images can be attached to your report before submitting. Alternatively, you can email them to sightings@iwdg.ie or strandings@iwdg.ie – Users reports will be browsable to the public on iwdg.ie with minimal personal information shown (Observer name)
  • For support and workarounds for known issues visit the support page.



This Reporting App was supported by Clare Local Development Company through the LEADER program and additional video upload functionality was funded by the Irish Environmental Network (IEN).




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