The Story of Sandy Salmon

An adult bottlenose dolphin live stranded at Beal, north Kerry in the Shannon estuary on 1 June 2012.

The dolphin called “Sandy Salmon” was re-floated but its prognosis was not considered good as bottlenose dolphins are resident in the Shannon and it was assumed it was sick.  However on 27 June it was photographed in the estuary in a group of 9 individuals, looking healthy. It was photographed on 10 occasions between June and September 2012 and in 2013 it was recorded with a calf “Muddy Mackerel” indicating it was pregnant when stranded.

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O_Brien et al. 2014

Face to Face with
a Beached Whale

IWDG has recently published the latest revision of ‘Face to Face with a Beached Whale: Guidelines for the welfare of live stranded cetaceans’, which can be found on our shop here. This revision builds on the Cetacean Welfare Policy using the most up to date scientific information on cetacean stranding, aiming to provide for the welfare of the stranded animal while minimising the risk to human health and safety.

Download here IWDG Face to Face with a Beached Whale

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