Family Membership

45.00 available on subscription

What does membership offer you? Apart from supporting our conservation work, IWDG membership has other benefits. You will receive:

  • A welcome membership pack contains your certificate and membership card.
  • Access to an exclusive members area filled with interesting articles and research papers.
  • Upon publication of the IWDG’s Flukes Magazine, members will receive a copy.
  • Priority booking for our annual Whale Tales conference
  • Discounts on all IWDG events, weekends and training workshops
  • Reduced rates on some IWDG publications
  • Opportunities to take part in IWDG research cruises and fieldwork
  • An opportunity to join like-minded people interested in marine conservation
  • Advice on whale watching and related topics
Single Year membership or Annual recurring membership

    Product Description

    This is a single year membership but you can choose to have a recurring membership which will be automatically renewed each year which makes things much easy for us to manage renewals.

    If you choose a recurring membership you can turn auto-renewal off later on by logging in to your account, go to My Account, select My Subscription and move the Auto-renewal slider to the left.