National Biodiversity Week

The IWDG celebrate National Biodiversity week each year holding different events around the country. This year, we were to begin our Floating Classroom visiting schools from Dublin to Killybegs. We were also planning to run a national whale watch day.

Given the COVID-19 restrictions, we are bringing you a series of short video clips featuring some of our favourite marine mammals. Enjoy!

Fin Whale / An Droimeitach

Orca (Killer Whale) / An Chráin Dhubh

Short-beaked Common Dolphin / An Deilf Choiteann

Long-finned Pilot Whale / An Píolótach Fadeiteach

Bottlenose Dolphin / An Deilf Bholgshrónach

Humpback Whale / An Míol Mór Dronnach

National Biodiversity Ireland webinar 2021

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