WhaleTrack Ireland Objectives

WhaleTrack Ireland aims to determine what humpback whales do in Irish waters, where they come from and go to. This will be achieved by identifying migration patterns and important feeding areas in Irish waters using a variety of techniques.

Individual whales will be identified using their unique markings from images through photo-identification with the help of citizen scientists. We will search for whales in areas we know they occur and areas we hope they will occur.

We will measure the size and condition of whales using drones, carry out biopsy sampling to explore genetic origins, diet along with pollution burdens and acoustically record whales. In the long term we hope to satellite tag a small number of whales, to reveal their migration routes and finally locate their breeding grounds.

This project is essential to help the recovery and management of this charismatic species, which is an ambassador for marine conservation.

Here Dr Simon Berrow CEO of the Irish Whale and Dolphin introduces WhaleTrack Ireland with the support of Ryanair customers:

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