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Distinguished Recorder Award for 2015

The National Biodiversity Data Centre is delighted to announce that Pádraig Whooley, IWDG will be awarded the Distinguished Recorder Award for ...

9th Nov 2015

Water on Mars and a Beluga Headed West

I have seen photos and videos of Beluga whales throughout my life. They captured my imagination, so I read more about them, which I could do with ease...

30th Oct 2015

Colm O Riordan RIP

IWDG were informed on the passing away of Colm O’Riordan. Colm worked at the National Museum of Ireland (Natural History) as keeper and was very...

17th Oct 2015

Fin Whale Strands in Portstewart

At around 11:30am on Monday 5th October I received an email saying that a dead whale had washed up on Portstewart strand. I had never seen a stranded ...

8th Oct 2015

Celtic Sea Herring Acoustic Survey 2015 - UPDATE 19 Oct

Updated 19 October 2015 Lots of fin whale activity southeast of Mine head last Wednesday evening and Thursday.  We counted a minimum of 5 anim...

4th Oct 2015

IWDG Website Update

This is a quick update on where we are with the website, the issues we've run into and a request for some software development help. As you may...

9th Sep 2015

Results of Whale Watch Ireland 2015

On Sunday 23rd August the Irish Whale & Dolphin Group delivered Whale Watch Ireland 2015. This All–Ireland Whale Watch day comprised free, guided wh...

1st Sep 2015

Chris Wilson

It was with great sadness that we learned of the death of Chris Wilson, following a short illness. Chris was the driving force behind the IWDG Rosslar...

29th Aug 2015

Pilot whales stranded at Gowlane Beach in Brandon Bay

At 7.30am last Thursday 6th I received a call from Louise Overy about pilot whales that had stranded at Gowlane Beach in Brandon Bay. It being a short...

12th Aug 2015

Solitary sociable dolphins – a natural fascination

Humans have been fascinated by the power, beauty and sometimes vital savagery of the natural world for at least as long as history can tell us. And fr...

10th Aug 2015
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