€1.1 million boost in funding for Irish eNGOs

Minister for Environment, Climate and Communications Eamon Ryan has announced a €1.1 million boost in funding for Irish environmental non-government organisations (NGOs) specifically to aid them in engaging with the rollout of offshore wind.

The NGOs targeted for the funding include the IWDG, Birdwatch Ireland, Coastwatch and Bat Conservation Ireland; all of whom work in the conservation of species and habitats which may be vulnerable to ORE development.

Moray sunset -ORE Windfarm by Patrick Lyne

Minister Ryan said that “an appropriately resourced environmental NGO sector is central to our ongoing work to accelerate the delivery of offshore renewable energy. In particular, the work of environmental NGOs in the areas of conservation, public awareness and education, will make an important contribution towards the establishment of future offshore DMAPs. This funding will help to ensure that development for offshore wind takes place in a manner that is sustainable and consistent with environmental protection, including protection of biodiversity, and the conservation objectives of protected sites, species or habitats.”

The IWDG has already engaged directly with windfarm developers, DHLGH and DECC on foreshore license applications, environmental impact assessment scoping reports, and the South Coast Designated Maritime Area Plan (DMAP). Dr Stephen Comerford, Marine Policy Officer said “the IWDG’s standing as the only marine NGO with expertise in specialist areas such as underwater noise, geophysical surveying, and construction piling, places us in a unique position to monitor and influence the activities of the ORE sector in the coming years. This massive civil engineering project is vital to the success of the Climate Action Plan but will not be without environmental impact. The fund, which we have lobbied for consistently, will help us build capacity in the IWDG and the broader marine NGO sector. It will strengthen our ability to engage with Government agencies and industry on the basis of sound science to reduce environmental impact and maximise positive outcomes.


Dr Stephen Comerford

Marine Policy Officer