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Nala (801), was the first calf added to the Shannon dolphin catalogue and so she is our first known second generation animal.  She was born in 2012 and her mother Sarafina (006) is one of the original 25 animals added to the catalogue when the project began in 1993. She quickly became a favourite of

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Cú Chulainn

Cú Chulainn is not one to regularly approach to the boats, so we are lucky he is so well marked. As you can see from the pictures, he is quite an enthusiastic hunter and so we named after the greatest warrior in Irish mythology. He is most frequently seen in Brandon Bay and the outer

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Bob is one of our favourites! He is our most frequently sighted dolphin, hence the common name of Bob. We also call him Bob the bodyguard as he is often seen with mother calf pairs or with the older calves and juveniles while mama is nearby. He is most frequently seen from Tarbert to Carrigaholt

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