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The sperm whale’s massive head could be a battering ram, say US researchers. Male whales might clash heads over mates. Full Story:

Sonar ‘pingers’ will be fixed to fishing nets to ward off dolphins while special escape hatches will be fitted to nets to allow the dolphins to escape if caught. Dolphin carcasses are being washed up on Britain’s coast in increasing numbers, with up to 200 found on the beaches of Devon and Cornwall between January

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Bertie Ahrne announced his new cabinet today (6/6/02). Changes to department structures and responsibilities mean that the marine portfolio now lies within the Department of Communications and Natural resources. Duchas has moved from, the now defunct Dept. Arts, Culture, Gaelteacht and the Islands, to a more logical position in the Department of the Environment. The

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Tests on whalemeat on sale in Japan have revealed astonishing levels of mercury. While it has long been known that the animals accumulate heavy metals such as mercury in their tissues, the levels discovered have surprised even the experts. Full Stor

Overview of IWC 54

A summary of the major events & decisions. Provided by WDCS. Full Story:

Story: Pro-whalers living on a harpoon and a prayer By PHILIP BRASOR The increasing media flurry over the upcoming World Cup must be frustrating to the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Ministry, which had been preparing for a year to make sure that this past week would be their moment in the spotlight. As the

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John Hopson Jr. was chasing bowhead whales on the Chukchi Sea about midnight Thursday when word came over the VHF radio: Eskimo whaling had been banned starting next year by the International Whaling Commission. Full Story:

The International Whaling Commission’s (IWC) summit in Japan has ended with the ban on commercial hunting in place for another year, but nations divided over whaling for indigenous peoples. Full Story:

A British minister accused Japan of “going nuclear” in its efforts to sabotage an international conference on whaling yesterday, and insisted that there would be no compromise over Tokyo’s efforts to legalise commercial hunting.

Angry debate erupted again at the International Whaling Commission’s annual meeting yesterday as pro-whalers and conservationists argued over the renewal of hunting permits for indigenous people. Full Story: