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Economically, Russia is on the move. Ever since her leaders tied the country’s economic future to oil development, recent high oil prices have spurred a recovery, providing revenues to service Russia’s foreign debt. All the while, regional governors talk enthusiastically about ‘black gold’ as a key to economic development. Governors in Siberia and the Russian

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“There are 100 year old whales alive today who can probably remember when the ocean was a much quieter place, and they could communicate with colleagues across grand expanses of ocean,” says bioacoustic scientist Christopher Clark in a new report showing

Virtually as soon as ships entered far southern waters, humans have been seeking to exploit the region’s food resources. Exploitation has at times been so heavy that it may have irreversibly changed whole elements of the region’s ecosystems.

Environmentalists said last week that the Mexican government must do more to stop the illegal slaughter of some 35,000 sea turtles each year in the northern border state of Baja California. Full Story:

Marine-mammal experts lassoed a sick, orphaned young female killer whale by the tail near Seattle last week and hauled her to a holding pen to treat her ailments before they ship the creature home to Canada. Full Story:

A 5m long minke whale was found on Long Strand, Owenihincia, Co. Cork two days ago. The animal showed signs of having been caught in fishing gear and was subsequently cut loose.

The sperm whale’s massive head could be a battering ram, say US researchers. Male whales might clash heads over mates. Full Story:

Sonar ‘pingers’ will be fixed to fishing nets to ward off dolphins while special escape hatches will be fitted to nets to allow the dolphins to escape if caught. Dolphin carcasses are being washed up on Britain’s coast in increasing numbers, with up to 200 found on the beaches of Devon and Cornwall between January

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Bertie Ahrne announced his new cabinet today (6/6/02). Changes to department structures and responsibilities mean that the marine portfolio now lies within the Department of Communications and Natural resources. Duchas has moved from, the now defunct Dept. Arts, Culture, Gaelteacht and the Islands, to a more logical position in the Department of the Environment. The

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Tests on whalemeat on sale in Japan have revealed astonishing levels of mercury. While it has long been known that the animals accumulate heavy metals such as mercury in their tissues, the levels discovered have surprised even the experts. Full Stor