IWDG Welcomes Recommendations from the Joint Committee on Environment and Climate Action on Biodiversity

The IWDG welcomes the new report by the Joint Committee on Environment and Climate Action on Biodiversity. The Committee was chaired by Brian Leddin TD and included 15 members from across all parties.

This report points the way towards how we restore biodiversity in nature and how to best reap the co-benefits associated with diverse ecosystems in order to mitigate climate change. The report sets out 75 recommendations and highlights the need for prioritising the designation of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) as well as the immediate development and implementation of management plans for existing and future designated MPAs to restore biodiversity and prevent further damage.

Presentations were made to the Committee from a variety of industry, third-level and NGO sectors including the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group.

There is a very strong section on marine biodiversity which strongly supports. The Committee supported the recommendations presented by the IWDG that “best practice guidelines are needed for the offshore renewables industry and recommends that a review of examples from other jurisdictions should be conducted to inform the future infrastructure of renewable energy projects” and “further exploration of the potential measures for marine biodiversity restoration in windfarm locations that become no-fish zones”.

Dr Simon Berrow, CEO of the IWDG said “he welcomed the strong recommendations supported by a cross-party committee to help protect and restore our marine biodiversity. Key issues regarding the immediate roll out of MPAS and better controls on the offshore renewable sector are essential, better research and monitoring to measure effects, including positive impacts and full consultation with key stakeholders, especially the fishing industry, is key to the success of any biodiversity initiative“.

The report presents clear recommendations to government, we just hope that the political will and resources are made available to start implementing them immediately.

The full report can be downloaded here: https://data.oireachtas.ie/ie/oireachtas/committee/dail/33/joint_committee_on_environment_and_climate_action/reports/2022/2022-11-17_report-on-biodiversity-november-2022_en.pdf

A video of the launch is available here: