Protect Our Seas – Sign Our Petition

In the coming months, the Irish Government will advance new  Marine Protected Area (MPA) legislation. As part of the Fair Seas campaign, we are urging Irish leaders to ensure that the new law will effectively protect and restore Ireland’s seas.

Ireland’s biodiversity is reaching a tipping point. For decades, Ireland has lacked effective Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) — leading to widespread habitat degradation and an alarming decline in marine species. The now critically endangered angel shark population has plummeted by 90% since the early 1900s, while puffins face the threat of extinction. In fact, recent studies show that 65% of Ireland’s coastal habitats are considered ecologically unhealthy. That’s why we need your help.

Tell the Irish Government to establish strong Marine Protected Areas now.


We have a crucial opportunity to turn the tide.

It is crucial that this new legislation:

  1. Sets ambitious targets to achieve MPA designation for 30% of Ireland’s seas, with 10% “strictly protected.” 
  2. Includes effective management plans.
  3. Increases equitable stakeholder involvement at local and regional levels.

As part of the global mission to protect 30% of the ocean, Ireland must take the steps necessary to fulfil its commitments. 


By joining the campaign and signing the petition, you help build the political pressure for urgent action at this critical moment.


Thank you for your support.