IWDG are looking to recruit a General Manager

20th Sep 2016

IWDG General Manager

The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group (www.iwdg.ie) is an All-Ireland group “dedicated to the conservation and better understanding of cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) in Irish waters through study, education and interpretation”. The IWDG is a registered charity (CHY 11163) and a Limited Company (No. 33209) and is the leading marine NGO in Ireland.  The IWDG is a membership based organization. Its work is carried out by a combination of service providers and volunteers (officers).

The IWDG are pleased to invite tenders for the position of General Manager of the IWDG to provide the following services:

Primary duties:

  • Administrating IWDG day to day costs/ functions,  forwarding invoices to book-keeper for payment e.g. payment for merchandise

  • Maintaining good corporate governance

  • Updating charity details / directors etc. every year after AGM

  • Prepare Indicative Budget with Officers and Treasurer

  • Maintaining Records

  • Review targets / goals with Officers

  • Send notice of AGM and Agenda to IWDG members

  • Manage Celtic Mist incl. berthage and survey schedule

  • Updating officer details / maintaining Independent Contractor Agreements

  • Host and minute officer meetings

  • Complete and circulate monthly reporting on behalf of the officers

  • Receive and answer and forward queries from officers

  • Order stationery and other office equipment for Shannon Dolphin Centre

Secondary duties:

  • Oversee Officer spending and authorise IWDG payments posted by book-keeper and ensure VAT returns are sent

  • Oversee cashflow on a weekly basis

  • Ensure officers cognizant and compliant with IWDG policies

  • Review and maintain insurance and other policies

  • Review and update 3 year plan in conjunction with the officers/ directors and members

  • Maintain risk assessments for events/ projects

  • Monitor track of website uploads, notify officers if contributions are needed

  • Identify potential media outlets for IWDG news and opinion

  • Liase with IT person and officers regarding website

  • Communicate with officers regarding their training needs

Tertiary duties

  • Review generic emails, respond, delete or forward to appropriate officers

  • Accept, respond or forward telephone enquiries to appropriate officers

  • Seek funding opportunities, liaise with officers and book-keeper on funding applications

  • Act as initial contact point with networking partners, respond, delete and forward to appropriate officers

  • Identify new sources of relevant social media, e.g. Instagram

  • Identify training requirements/ risk assessment for IWDG events

The successful candidate will be required to largely work out of the Shannon Dolphin Centre in Kilrush, Co Clare and be flexible regarding working hours. Hours will be flexible and seasonal (quieter in the winter) and will vary between weeks but will average 25 hours per week over the course of the year. The successful applicant will report to the Board of Directors and be expected to work closely with all IWDG Officers. 

This contract is for three years starting 1 January 2017, following a six month probationary period, pending sufficient available funds and will be reviewed on an annual basis.

The tender should be a fixed price and inclusive of VAT and include hourly rate. Travel to and from Kilrush will not be covered but if the GM is required at meetings elsewhere then T&S at the standard IWDG rate will be available. The successful tenderer will be required to provide a current tax clearance certificate.

For more information or to discuss the services to be provided please contact:

Secretary of the Board of Directors (noirin.burke@iwdg.ie) or

Acting CEO (simon.berrow@iwdg.ie)

All tenders should be sent to

Noirin Burke,

Chair, Irish Whale and Dolphin Group,

Merchants Quay,


Co Clare

by 5pm on Friday 30 September, 2016



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