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Pro-whaling Japanese lawmakers gathered yesterday to dine on whale, but the event was strictly for domestic consumption. Full Story:

Crowds of Japanese keen to see the resumption of commercial whaling marched through Tokyo yesterday as lawmakers munched on whale meat to tout Japan’s view that eating the delicacy is a cherished cultural tradition. Full Story: http://www.planetark.

A group of member countries of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) yesterday urged Japan not to expand its whaling programme, underscoring the stiff opposition to Japanese attempts to end the whaling ban. Full Story:

The International Whaling Commission is to discuss Japan’s alleged manipulation of whale catches. The closed-door science committee has received a report on Japan’s suspected underreporting of its coastal whale catches in the 1960s and 1970s. Full St

New Zealand yesterday outlined a new push for a whale sanctuary in the vast South Pacific Ocean, only two days ahead of the visit of the leader of Japan, its biggest pro-whaling opponent. Full Story:

An international whaling meeting kicked off yesterday in a gritty fishing port in southern Japan, with the hosts hoping to win backing in their controversial quest for a resumption of commercial whaling. Full Story:

Yoshinori Shoji is a whaler, as his father and grandfather were before him, but his boat is now one of just a handful still working in Japan. Full Story:

The Minister for the Marine, Mr Fahey, has approved the Development Plan for the Corrib gas field. Mr Fahey also gave his approval for an underwater structure on the continental shelf and an undersea pipeline between the gas field and Pollatomish at

In a race against tide and time Lorna Siggins, Marine Correspondent The pilot whales which survived a beaching on the Co Kerry coastline recently should be miles out at sea by now, oblivious to the row they have left behind. Questions are now being asked about the rescue effort, which once again exposed the State’s

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