IWDG JNCC accredited Marine Mammal Observer (MMO) Course – March 2023

A UK JNCC certified Marine Mammal Observer (MMO) course is to be offered on the 02-03 of March in the Atlantic Technological University Dublin Road Campus, Co. Galway.

This course will be JNCC certified and is specific for the UK regulatory area and guidelines.  This will be followed by an additional module for the Irish guidelines which will run on the Sunday afternoon. The course will be a class based in person course with laptops required for exercises via Moodle.

Modules covered will include:

  1. Marine mammal identification for UK waters.
  2. Mitigation techniques and different sources of anthropogenic noise, with frequency and source levels.
  3. UK regulatory setup.
  4. Distance estimation techniques
  5. Noise Abatement
  6. JNCC Form completion
  7. Safety and medical requirements for work at sea
  8. Irish NPWS Guidelines (Sunday Afternoon)

Please note the JNCC is UK certified and requires a pass mark to be achieved on exercises. The NPWS guidelines is certified separately, and this is not a regulatory approved course as no so approval exists. Again, certification is subject to pass mark being achieved on a short quiz on the mitigation guideline requirements.

Some knowledge of marine mammals is assumed.

The cost of the course is €250 for IWDG members and €280 for non-members.

Course days will start at 9:30 and finish at 5:30 with regular breaks. Assignments not completed can be finished afterwards but are required for certification.

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