Whales and Sails

The IWDG Sligo local group and the Mullaghmore Sailing Club are teaming up to deliver a talk to the local sailing community in Sligo about whales and dolphins.


Sailors have a unique opportunity to explore and observe amazing wildlife while enjoying the water. Visiting areas otherwise inaccessible can have its perks if you know where to go and the signs that could mean there are whales and dolphins in the area.

IWDG education and outreach officer will share her experiences and knowledge during an evening of discussion at Mullaghmore Sailing Club on Wednesday the 27th of July at 8 pm.

The talk will explore what species of whales and dolphins have previously been observed around the Sligo and Donegal coasts and explain how to maximize your chances of spotting them. Discussing what species have previously been observed in an area and being familiar with diagnostic identification features can make the experience of seeing a whale or a dolphin more valuable for citizen science projects like the IWDG sighting scheme and for the sailor.

If you want to learn about whales and dolphins and become familiar with the boat users’ code of conduct for manoeuvring and observing them safely while under an engine or sail, then this event is for you.