Humpback whales singing in Cabo Verde

The IWDG are collaborating with our colleagues BiosCV on Boavista in Cabo Verde on a new project to try and capture the range of vocalisations (singing) by humpback whales on these tropical humpback whale breeding grounds.

Pedrin Lopez Suárez with recovered Soundtrap


Photo-id of humpback whales in Cabo Verde has revealed matches between Ireland and Cabo Verde (see showing we share this humpback whale population.

Humpback whale songs can reveal a lot about their movements and relationships between breeding and feeding areas.

This is the second year of deploying Soundtraps in Cabo Verde.


Here are the first recordings from the first Soundtrap deployment off BoaVista this breeding season. Many thanks to Pedrin Lopez Suárez and Kate Yeoman of BiosCV for their support.

The recordings will be analysed by Miguel Blaquez Hervás as part of his PhD at the Atlantic Technological University ( and Cathy Gibsons PhD at Queens University, Belfast in collaboration with AFBI (

Enjoy our first recordings from the link below