IWDG to represent the Environmental Pillar on the Board of the North RIFF

Finn van der Aar has been nominated by the IWDG to represent the Environmental Pillar on the Board of the North RIFF.

The Inshore Fisheries Forums are consultative forums at which members are representative of the ‘inshore sector’ fishermen using boats of less than 12m in overall length. They have nominated delegates to bring forward regional proposals to NIFF for wider industry discussion. The RIFF members include inshore fishermen, environmental interests, marine leisure, marine tourism and other marine stakeholders. The North RIFF covers the inshore waters of County Donegal  http://inshoreforums.ie/north-overview/

Finn is involved with IWDG Consulting (https://consulting.iwdg.ie/) and is currently the lead IWDG marine mammal observer on the Killybegs Pier Extension project. She graduated from the National University of Galway with a BSc Hons in Earth and Ocean Science and with an MSc Hons in Marine Biology from University College Cork. She is an accredited JNCC Marine Mammal Observer who also has extensive interdisciplinary experience – both land based and offshore – in biological sampling, chemical oceanography and sediment core sampling and previously specialised in deep water cold water corals.
Finn writes and speaks about marine science, climate change and sustainability for social media, national press and television. She has a keen interest in fisheries science and sustainable coastal management and is excited to be a part of North RIFF.
Contact Finn on finn.vanderaar@iwdg.ie