IWDG representative joins the board of the North RIFF

Gareth Doherty has been nominated by the IWDG to represent the Environmental Pillar on the Board of the North RIFF.

The Inshore Fisheries Forums are consultative forums at which members are representative of the ‘inshore sector’ fishermen using boats of less than 12m in overall length. They have nominated delegates to bring forward regional proposals to NIFF for wider industry discussion. The RIFF members include inshore fishermen, environmental interests, marine leisure, marine tourism and other marine stakeholders. The North RIFF covers the inshore waters of County Donegal  http://inshoreforums.ie/north-overview/

Gareth has been a member of the IWDG since its formation in 1990 and runs the Donegal IWDG Local Group with his wife Amanada. Gareth lives and works in Gweedore, NW Donegal and brings huge knowledge and experience of the sea as well as a commercial fishing background.

At nearly 50 years of age, I have always been interested in wildlife.  I fished, sailed and kayaked my way through my young years, learning as I went about the sea, birds and mammals.  I have been a member of the IWDG for over 20 years.  I am currently self-employed and run a small sailing and kayaking venture in Gweedore, Co Donegal.  In the 90s, my brother and I owned a small 21ft fishing boat, we fished this for over five years in Donegal bay.  I then went to Scotland and fished on a couple of commercial 100ft fishing boats.  All of these experiences have allowed me to log many hours at sea.  I have a good all round knowledge of the challenges that face our seas and our fishing communities.  The reality is our communities have already felt the massive reduction of the fishing industry 

So in my own opinion it would benefit us all to step back, and manage our coastal seas.  To do this we must identify and create no fish zones. I has been proven that these, once replenished, spill over to the allowed zones.  We must realize the absolute importance the international zones are NO FISHING AREAS.

Listen to Gareth talk about his involvement with the sea and the IWDG (https://vimeo.com/330752505)