Junior membership Competition

Did you know the IWDG and our core sponsor Inis Energy of the Sea strongly believe that the first step in Ireland becoming an ocean literate and informed society starts with our youngest citizens? And that we have a junior membership available to support this?

Well, we do, and we want it to be available to as many young people as possible. So we’ve partnered up with Inis Energy of the Sea to give 50 young people up to the age of 12 a free junior membership for one year.

The only catch is we want to know why and what you love about cetaceans.
Using our website www.iwdg.ie, pick your favourite cetacean species that occur in Irish waters and tell us why this species stands out to you. Secondly, pick one flukey fact that fascinates you from our website.
You can present this information in whatever format you would like, but creativity is encouraged.
In order to Win your junior membership, email enquiries@iwdg.ie with your favourite cetacean species & why you chose them and one flukey fact that fascinates you.
This is a limited offer for young people aged 12 and under. Membership will go to the first 50 young people who contact us with the relevant information.